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Top Five Valentine’s Day flowers and their Meaning


The ‘Language of Flowers’ has helped us express our affections for thousands of years. Everyone recognizes the red rose as the ultimate symbol of love, but our Valentine’s Day bouquets say so much more.  Express your love in the most meaningful way with these top five Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings.

1: Roses – Versatile flower talkermeaning-of-flowers-valentines-day-roses-austin-txRed: Deep Love
Pink: Happiness
Hot Pink: Sweet Fondness
White: Innocence
Bi-Color: Unity
Lavender: Enchantment
Yellow: Promise of a New Beginning
Orange: Desire and Enthusiasm


2: Lilies – Purity and Innocence


Pink: Dynamic Love
White: Happiness and Jubilation
Orange: Adventurous Passion
Yellow: Delight


3: Orchid – Beauty and Refinement


Purple: Admiration, majesty
White: Elegance
Pink: Femininity and Grace,
Red: Passion and Desire,
Yellow: Exhilaration


4: Gerbera Daisies – Joy and Cheerfulness


Red: Immersed in love
Pink: Adoration and Esteem
Yellow: Happiness
White: Innocence and purity
Hot Pink: Boldness and Whole-hearted Excitement


5: Tulips – Perfect Love


Red: Deeply in love
White: Newness and purity
Yellow: Hopelessly in Love
Pink: New Love or Secret Admirer
Orange: Desire and enthusiasm
Purple: Flourishing, Maturing Love and Renewal