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The Block at Freytag’s: Out of the Box

The Block at Freytag's



Jasmine and Brandon visiting East Austin Succulents!

Jasmine was born in Austin, Texas. She loves the idea of residing at the Capital of Live Music city where all the weirdos come hang out. She doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon! Art’s a big part of her life and it’s therapeutic at the same time. Jasmine’s interest began in first grade when her assignment was creating self-portraits. Ultimately, her piece was submitted into a local art gallery and became hooked ever since!

Jasmine’s Pinup Illustration

Jasmine’s Owl Illustration

Jasmine’s Framed Skull Illustration

Jasmine’s Wolf Painting


Freytag’s Florist caught Jasmine’s attention because it is a different type of art form that she never worked with before. Different flower & plant colors, textures, and styles taught her to appreciate them more, plus learning all their names is really neat. At first, Jasmine didn’t have an idea how many different types of flowers and occasions there is, but working here has helped develop a new form of artistry outlet. She loves to give the flowers & plants a new home too! Here are floral designs she has created while working at Freytag’s Florist;





Succulent Designer: Jobeth


Have any special requests on how you’d like a design to be? Just give us a call (512-371-5640) and our designers can create extraordinary and unique pieces just for you!

Floral Designer: Britten

Floral Designer: Britten

Floral Designer: Britten

Freytag’s Florist Custom Bouquet



What’s on your table this summer? Gather your family and friends and celebrate with Freytag’s Florist limited edition arrangements we have available on our site. There’s nothing like celebrating with good food, fireworks, and our beautiful patriotic flowers!  How are you celebrating this year’s
Independence Day?

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