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Posted by Freytag's Florist on July 22, 2022 Flowers Fun Facts Stress Relief Uncategorized

Stop and Smell The Flowers Stress Remedy

Quick facts about stress

As of 2022, studies have shown that Americans continue to experience high levels of stress for a number of reasons. The cause behind our worries may be complex and can even be a result of changes regardless of it being positive or negative (e.g. moving, new job, new baby). As we find our personal resolutions to long term stresses, the following are quick reliefs that can help reduce the jitters and anxiety. Our favorite part? They involve flowers and plants!

Flowers are a start – our senses will do the rest

Thankfully for us, we have not one but five senses that can work to treat stress. When it comes to flowers and plants, the senses that kick in the most would be: sight, smell, touch, and taste.


  • Setting plants and flowers around the home brings the powerful healing effects of nature directly inside to you.
  • Seeing the vibrant colors, patterns, and unique shapes of flowers have an uplifting effect on your mood.
  • Looking at flowers, especially if they were a gift, reconnects you with the special sentiments of the sender.

Smellperson smelling flowers

  • The scent of flowers is extremely calming – which is why it’s long been recommended to stop and smell┬áthem!
  • Each flower has different scents to them, meaning you can pick the bloom depending on what aroma you’re looking for.


  • Studies have shown that people who are given flowers to arrange will have less stress when working on the arrangement because they’re given something attractive and pleasant to concentrate on.
  • Touching a flower can be therapeutic by physically reconnecting you with nature.

cup of tea with flowersTaste

  • If you’re a tea drinker, you’re familiar with the healing benefits of teas like chamomile, hibiscus, jasmine, rose, and lavender.
  • Herbal and floral teas have been used for centuries as medicinal brews.
  • Here’s a great article about different herbal and floral teas: Read about floral teas here