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7 Florist Tricks to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

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Fresh-cut flower bouquets last longer with these top 7 florist’s secrets. Not all flowers are created equal. Some, like Tulips, will continue to grow after being cut. Others absorb ~or as florists say, drink~ extremely large amounts of water, like Hydrangea. Tulips will begin to droop long before Stargazer lilies lose their luster, and Alstromeria can last up to a month.


Ornamental Kale, deep fuchsia Peonies, Hyacinth, pink Roses and fuchsia Gerbera Daisies

There are many home remedies that are rumored to keep flowers fresh. Some work, but not consistently, and not with every type of flower. If your water-to-ingredient ratio is off you could do more harm than good. You very likely have a variety of flowers in your bouquet. Following our advice will keep them all harmoniously looking fabulous for as long as possible.


Soft pink Peonies, blue Hydrangea, Hyacinth, yellow mini Calla Lilies and mini green Hydrangea and our moon vase

1. Keep the water clear and clean by dumping out the old water and replacing with fresh every day. If you have a water softening system be sure to switch to bypass so no salt is in the water.


Lambs ear leaves, Stock, Mokara Orchids, Circus Roses, Alstroemeria and mini green Hydrangea

2. Cut the bottom of the stems at a 45° angle every three days. A fresh cut allows the flower stem to continue to absorb water and keep the flower hydrated.


Calla Lilies, Hyacinth,  Peonies, Cool Water Roses,  Tulips, mini green Hydrangea and Waxflowers

3. Mist the flowers with clean water from a spray bottle every day.


Ornamental kale, Limbo Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips,  Hydrangea and Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace

4. Keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.


Ornamental Kale, mini  Hydrangea, Hhypercurium Berries, Creme Roses, Tulips and Lotus Pods

5. If you’re going out for the entire day on a hot day and won’t be running your air conditioner, place your bouquet in a cool shady spot.


Phalaenopsis & Dendrobium in an artisan glass vase with Casa Blanca Lilies, Hydrangea,  Tulips, and Stock

6. If you want to add your own creative flair, a drop of food coloring in the water makes a clear vase pop and obscures the stems. (Technically not a care tip, but it is a fun way to reward yourself for taking such great care of your fresh-cut blooms).

tips-to-make-cut-flowers-last-longer7. Remember that some flowers will have a shorter lifespan than others. You can keep your bouquet as a whole looking perky by removing wilted flowers immediately. Wilted flowers emit ethylene gas that will spread to healthy flowers.