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Quick Rose Care Guide for National Rose Month

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Celebrate National Rose Month! Every year in June, National Rose Month is commonly celebrated by being surrounded with beautiful roses. Whether they be in your garden or freshly cut, there’s no doubt that roses spread love, passion, and beauty in every space. Thinking of buying fresh-cut flowers or did you just receive a bouquet of colorful roses? Follow these short-quick tips to keep their freshness and celebrate National Rose month as long as possible!

It’s always best to make sure your fresh-cut roses are coming from florist-quality shops just like us. Roses that are kept refrigerated last longer than roses that have sat out in room temperature spaces for long periods of time. When you’re ready to cut and display, you’ll see the difference right away because of their longevity. Note: We also provide complimentary flower food when purchasing. 
Roses 4-2018-freytags-florist-austin-txStep one: Test their quality
Examine your rose petals and their base. Rose petals tend to bruise easily and get loose the more time passes by. If their base feels slightly loose, your roses might not last. The more firm they feel, the better!

Step two: Detaching Petals
If you see any petals that are brownish, that means they are bruised…but don’t panic! Their outer petals are the ones that receive the most damage. Simply just remove those bruised petals (loose petals too) and the roses will now look fresher and happier.
Roses-freytags-florist-austin-tx-copyright-2018Step three: Stem trimming
Always cut their stems at an angle. No matter what rose arrangement size you’re planning to do, cutting the stems with a slanted angle using clippers or a sharp knife will keep the roses hydrated. When you place them in water, it will allow them to be healthy. Stray from using normal scissors if possible. You don’t want to damage their most important feature.

Step four: Removing Leaves
Make sure to gently remove any leaf stems that will be below the water line. Leaving their leaves underwater will cause bacteria and fungi, and therefore damage the roses from growing.

Step five: Replacing their Water
Exchange their water immediately when you start to see it become foggy or dirty after a few days. You will also notice their water level getting lower. It’s important to keep up with their water quality and add fresh flower food to own longer lasting roses.

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