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Introducing: The Block at Freytag’s!

The Block at Freytag's


No doubt that Freytag’s Florist is the shop to consider for distinctive bouquets and greenery. Our designers create awesome custom designed products with their unique imagination and incredible talent.

Proudly, almost all of Freytag’s employees have a creative side to them that can’t be overlooked.
The Block at Freytag’s present some of their stories.


She graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2013 with a BFA concentrating in 3-D Design. April currently resides in Austin, TX and has been working with florals for the past two years. In 2016, April began working as a Florists’ Assistant & training in floral design at Freytag’s Florist.

Succulent Garden with tree mushroom in a green ceramic dish.

Ocean fairy garden with succulents, seashells, and a dolphin figurine.

Her goal is to create accessible art with high-quality craftsmanship. She developed her passion for 3-D design & color theory while studying sculpture and art education in college. April is inspired by working with natural and organic materials, exploring combinations of textures, colors, and lines to create
striking compositions.

Dish garden with peace lily, fern, pothos ivy & English ivy with tree mushrooms in a gray oval dish

Orchid & succulent garden with moss & curly willow in a white ceramic cube planter

Intergeneric Orchid variety garden with English ivy, pothos ivy & fern, bamboo, lotus pod, & tree mushroom accents in a green ceramic dish.

Dish garden in a green ceramic dish with yellow kalanchoes, fern, ivy & tree mushroom

Succulent garden with pencil cactus, grafted cactus, echeveria succulents, driftwood & river rocks in a rectangular metal planter.

Succulent garden in round white ceramic dish, tree mushrooms, moss & fresh cut birds of paradise

A succulent garden for a local Austin office.

Succulent garden for a local Austin office.

Succulent garden in a blue & white ceramic planter with glass gem & color stick accents.

Green basket garden with fresh cut flowers, kale, mixed ferns, pothos ivy, English ivy, areca palm, peace lily, & purple alstroemeria.

Check out more of April Rose’s work on her Instagram!


 Nicki Holm is a Texas native from the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera. She hung up her lasso and decided to call Austin her home in her early 20s. Since moving to Austin, she has become the wife of an amazing nerd, a Cat Mom to 5 beautiful rescued fur babies, a published poet, a Customer Service & AR Clerk at Freytag’s Florist, and curated an enormous craft supply collection (that her husband does not complain about).

Nicki’s paintings with reused flower petals

Oscar, The Pancake!

Nicki is a Pinterest Pro, crafty queen, and will put Modge Podge on almost anything from multi-medium canvas paintings to glass cubes made into decorative lighting. She loves incorporating flowers from the shop into craft and art projects.

Decorative lighting with reused, pressed flower pedals.


Green plants from Freytag’s turned into an art project.

Green plant from Freytag’s turned into an art project by Nicki.


The first step in making custom gift tags with pressed flowers.

Mixing some paint!

Paint splatter technique.

The final result of the pressed flower gift tag!

Check out more of Nicki Knack’s work on her Instagram!


Summer of 2015, Kristy’s boyfriend, Ryan, and herself were in an unfortunate position of being unhappy with their jobs. Freytag’s was the most unique after applying to what felt like a hundred places. Coming home one day, Kristy’s heart melted after she noticed beautiful surprise flowers that Ryan had gotten for her from Freytag’s (good job, Ryan!).

The flowers Ryan bought from Freytag’s (Kristy’s attempt to be a good floral designer with her new bouquet).

Some time passed and Kristy received a call for an in-person interview. She quickly let Ryan know about the news…”What?! I applied there weeks ago for the driver position and they haven’t called me back!” (They didn’t know they each had applied at Freytag’s…haha!) Kristy hasn’t loved a job more.  Her love for plants and flowers grew tremendously after hoping to gain that green thumb she couldn’t inherit from her family growing up. She loves to adopt and save those sad, dying plants that come from the shop, including the flowers. Kristy is proud of her strong green thumb and rightfully holds the title of that crazy plant lady!

A plant basket Kristy created on her first Valentine’s.

A custom Tulip arrangement by Kristy.

Kristy’s personal succulents from Freytag’s.

Kristy’s personal succulent and pot from Freytag’s.