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Holiday Wreath & Centerpiece care tips

wreath-care-centerpiece-care-freytags-florist-austin-tx The best part about buying fresh holiday wreaths and centerpieces is the fresh evergreen scent filling your home with the aroma of the holidays. We know you would rather spend more time with your family and friends than taking care of Holiday evergreens. Luckily, our fresh wreaths and centerpieces are very easy to care for and with these tips, you can enjoy the beauty and holiday aroma that only comes from fresh evergreens even longer.




Avoid Heat and Direct Sunlight
Keep away from heat sources that may dry them out, such as direct sunlight, heat vents or open flames. Outside, display them in a sheltered spot.

Magnolia leaf wreaths can develop dark spots if placed outdoors in temperatures below 20°F.

If candles are used in your centerpiece, keep flames at least 4”away from greenery. Never leave candles burning unattended.





Water your Wreaths and Centerpieces
If your evergreens are in a florist foam block, keep the block moist by adding water to it every other day or as needed.

If no foam is used, mist with water daily to prolong the fragrance and the life of the evergreens. We recommend that you mist your evergreens outside or in a place where water will not cause any damage. Be sure to mist the stems as well as the needles.

Indoor evergreen wreaths will dry out faster than those kept outdoors and will require more frequent misting.