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The History of Flowers on Sweetest Day

sunflowersIt may not be the biggest, flashiest or widely celebrated holiday, but it is a special one, nonetheless. Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of October. According to legend, the credit for coming up with the idea of a holiday that would spread happiness to the less fortunate, and show them people actually cared, goes to Herbert Birch Kingston. Kingston worked for a candy company in Cleveland, Ohio, and sometime around 1922, he decided that the less fortunate deserved a gesture of kindness, and a chance to be happy, even if only briefly.

He and his workers at the candy company brought gifts to people who were home bound, orphans, and other people who were too often forgotten. The whole idea behind the holiday was simply to remind people of how significant small gestures are, both for the recipient, and the person who shows their concern by saying something, or giving a gift, or even performing a good deed.

By the 1930’s, word of the holiday had spread, and movie stars would offer gestures of kindness throughout Cleveland. Actor Theda Bara brought candy to Cleveland hospital patients, and people who went to theater. Actor Ann Pennington handed out candy to 2200 newspaper boys throughout Cleveland.

Over the years, the idea of showing kindness spread to family, friends, coworkers and even acquaintances. In places where Sweetest Day is celebrated, festivities resemble Valentine’s Day celebrations. The most common gifts people give are flowers, chocolates, other candies and cards. Although the holiday originated in the Midwest, it is celebrated elsewhere, especially among candy, flower and greeting card companies. Observances are most prevalent, however, in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio.

Flowers will cheer up any house – especially as the days get shorter, and the temperatures drop. Whether you choose flowers with a more autumnal theme, or decide to allow your loved one’s imagination travel to some exotic tropical destination, the gift of flowers is synonymous with showing someone you care.

Let the sunshine in with this Basket of Sunflowers! This basket of sunflowers in a simple design with greenery is a favorite for the sunflower lover!

When you want to give the ultimate gift for Sweetest Day, give a gift that combines two of the most popular gift items in one – candy and flowers.

For someone who has plenty of bright light in their home, an elegant, Tropical Garden will combine with beautiful fall colors, since the leaves of this exotic plant are so colorful, and the more light you give them, the deeper the foliage colors.