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Freytag’s Florist Designer Spotlight: Nelson


Freytag’s Florist - Floral Designer Spotlight: Nelson

Nelson Baughman is our premier funeral display designer. His work is well known among Austin funeral home directors and his creations are in high demand. Yes, Nelson is a busy man. He is also a beacon of good cheer and diplomacy. If anyone is feeling stressed or down, they can count on Nelson to be supportive and brighten their day with his sweet demeanor and quick-witted humor.

Take a peek into the work and mind of Nelson Baughman in this edition of Freytag’s Florist Designer Spotlight.

Where did you grow up?  Freemont, Ohio… “The Heart of it all.”

As a kid, did you get into trouble? What was the worst thing you did. I was out of control in Kindergarten. I was hyper-active and bored. I wouldn’t/couldn’t pay attention during story time. I was cranky, and always getting up, wandering around the room when I was supposed to be sitting down. Then one day the teacher sent me home with a note telling my parents to not send me back the next morning as I clearly was not a morning person.  I got reassigned to the afternoon class so I could sleep in. Yay!

Floral Designer Spotlight: Nelson - Freytag’s Florist - Austin, TX

 What do you do in your spare time?  I work out a lot. I run and I bike all over Austin.

How long have you lived in Austin, and what’s most Austintacious thing you’ve done now that you’re here?  I’ve lived here five years. Last year my dog & I had a photo session in the Bluebonnets. That’s as Austin as it gets, right?

How long have you been a floral designer?  I’ve been a designer for 35 years. I took horticulture and floriculture classes in high school and have been at it ever since. I also designed and built artificial trees for the hospitality industry for many years. You give me a stick and some weeds, and I’ll make it look pretty.

Floral Designer Spotlight: Nelson - Freytag’s Florist - Austin, TX


How long have you a Freytag’s Florist designer?  I’ve been with Freytag’s for about two years. 

What inspires you? My mother, first, then nature. I love walking on the beach, any beach. I especially love seeing palm trees. And last, music. I am really into Michael Bublé right now.

When are you completely satisfied with your work?  It’s great when a client orders a designer’s choice or something personalized instead of something directly off the website. I love having opportunities to be really creative. I’m really proud of a rose garden display that I did recently.

Floral Designer Spotlight: Nelson - Freytag’s Florist - Austin, TX

With which flower do you enjoy working with the most?  I love tropical flowers and Zinnias.

What’s your favorite Amy’s flavor?  White Chocolate

What is your most treasured possession?   My partner and my dog, Jenel. They’re not possessions, but they are treasures.

Floral Designer Spotlight: Nelson - Freytag’s Florist - Austin, TX

What is your most favorite Freytag’s arrangement?
I like arrangements with succulents, like Bouldon Creek.