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Enjoy Summer in Style | 2021 Summer Flowers & Gifts

Summer is finally here! Enjoy our best summer blooms and begin decorating your space with vibrant colors. Take a quick look at some of our suggestions and celebrate with our summer’s hottest choices. 

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 12- freytags-florist-austin-txREGAL GARDEN

Regal Garden features a mix of 4″ green plants for this summer’s decoration. This majestic choice is perfect for any open space.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 2- freytags-florist-austin-txSAZÓN

Add that flavor & seasoning (Sazón in English) to summer. Sazón has a contemporary, tropical design with blooms such as Pincushion Protea, Anthurium, Oncidium Orchids, Safari Sunset, Liatrice, Mini Calla Lilies, Curly Willow, Bear Grass, and Honey Bamboo.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 3- freytags-florist-austin-txSOLSTICE

Send a piece of the summer sun with a gorgeous tropical arrangement that includes roses, mokara orchids, mini green hydrangea, dendrobium orchids, billy balls, and flat fern.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 4- freytags-florist-austin-txGRANDIOSE

Grandiose includes beautiful peonies, pincushion proteas, kale, roses, sunflowers, mokara orchids, Hypericum berries, thistle, Italian ruscus, and seeded eucalyptus.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 5- freytags-florist-austin-txAURA

Aura radiates summer brilliance with beautiful tulips, roses, cymbidium orchids, hypericum berries, trick, seeded eucalyptus, bear grass, and curly willow.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 6- freytags-florist-austin-txSUN KALE

Sun Kale introduces that bright ray of sunshine with its pretty mini sunflowers, mini green hydrangea, kale, billy balls, flax leaves, small curly willow, and lotus pods decor.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 7- freytags-florist-austin-txZEPHYR

Zephyr has the touch of summer and spring with its freshest yellow tulips, hydrangea, tillandsia air plants, foxtail fern, and a flare of grass loops.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 8- freytags-florist-austin-txSYZYGY

Pronounced “si·zuh·jee”, this brilliant and gorgeous arrangement features roses, delphinium, air plants, protea, hydrangea, stock, thistle, billy balls, italian ruscus, and curly willow.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 9- freytags-florist-austin-txJOVIAL

Be in a jovial mood this summer with snapdragons, roses, succulents, hydrangea, mokara orchids, bells of ireland, billy balls, flax leaves, bear grass, and flat ferns.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 10- freytags-florist-austin-txKINETIC

A wave of zingy Roses, Pin-Cushion Proteas, gold Mokaras, and more in a leaf-wrapped vase, Kinetic makes a great fresh impression for summer.

Summer's 2021-Blog Banner 1- freytags-florist-austin-txDRACAENA COMBO

This 6 in. Dracaena Combo includes different varieties of Dracaena such as Marginata, Massangeana, Warneckii, and Janet Craig. An excellent choice to decorate your home this summer.


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