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Posted by chadfreytag on June 20, 2011 | Last Updated: October 23, 2019 Flowers

Dish Gardens


                If you are having trouble finding the utmost supreme accent piece to give your office or home the finishing touch you are seeking, search no further than a dish garden.  Dish gardens make great attributes to small office areas as well as large living spaces because they require little maintenance while offering a lot of show.


                 Dish gardens consist of an assortment of plant varieties in a decorative container.  In most cases, plants that can tolerate dry, low light conditions such as Dracaenas, Arrowhead Ivies, Philodendrons, Palms, Marantas and Spathiphyllums are used.  You can have all of these varieties in one dish or keep it simple with two or three plants depending on the amount of drama you desire your dish garden to have.   Some people may prefer a more modest, clean look while others may appreciate the mini-jungle look.  The fuller and more diverse it is, the more interesting the appearance.


The most popular containers used for dish gardens are generally made out of ceramic materials.  Clay can be molded and painted into a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors which allow a wide selection of styles to compliment any personality, the possibilities are truly endless.  Tin and woven wicker baskets are also common containers that can be used. 

                Maintenance for a dish garden is very simple as watering ought to be done only weekly.  Before you water you should always poke your finger down into the soil to make sure it even needs more water.  If the soil is dry add at least a half a cup of water, depending on how large your garden is.


 If the soil is still moist, hold off on watering for a day or two then check the soil again.  You do not want to over water your plants because this could cause unintended damage.   Also, there is no need to worry about fertilizers because that would only encourage the plants to quickly outgrow their container which would require them to be transplanted in a larger pot.


When you are in need of a beautiful accent piece for your home or office, consider a dish garden.  They are easy to maintain while adding a significant amount of sophisticated flare to any area and make a wonderful gift.  We welcome you into our shop to observe first hand the brilliance of a dish garden.