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Decorative Floral Ideas for Fall and Thanksgiving

The season is here to celebrate and warm up your home. Check out this year’s best Fall styles and colors!

Autumn Gathering Fall 2019-Blog Banner 2-freytags-florist-austin-txAutumn Gathering

This beautiful centerpiece includes stock, mini green hydrangeas, safflowers, thistle, kangaroo paw, lotus pods, and kiwi vine.

Approximate size: 15″ long x 10″ wide x 12″ tall.

Fall Y'all Fall 2019-Blog Banner 3-freytags-florist-austin-txFall Y’all

Celebrate the fall season with this vibrant arrangement that includes kale, hypericum berries, roses, and more.

Approximate size: 15″ wide x 17″ tall x 15″ long.

Aroma Fall 2019-Blog Banner 3-freytags-florist-austin-txAroma

Aroma includes stock, red roses, painted burgundy hydrangea, calla lilies, spiral eucalyptus, succulents, and lotus pods.

Succulents and paint shades used on blooms may vary from picture.

Approximate size: 15″ long x 14″ wide x 13″ tall.

Pumpkin Spice Fall 2019-Blog Banner 4-freytags-florist-austin-txPumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice offers a unique taste for the Fall season. It includes cherry brandy roses, alstroemeria, safflowers, and more.

Approximate size: 18″ wide x 27″ tall x 20″ long.

Natural Beauty Fall 2019-Blog Banner 5-freytags-florist-austin-txNatural Beauty

This beautiful arrangement includes succulents, red roses, hypericum berries, and more.

Succulents may vary from picture.

Approximate size: 15″ wide x 14″ tall x 15″ long.

Rouge Fall 2019-Blog Banner 6-freytags-florist-austin-txRouge

Rouge includes red gerberas, roses, safari sunsets, and more.

Approximate size: 12″ wide x 17″ tall x 11″ long.

Pumpkin Moon Fall 2019-Blog Banner 7-freytags-florist-austin-txPumpkin Moon

Pumpkin Moon includes orange lilies, cherry brandy roses, orange spray roses, kangaroo paw, billy balls, mini green hydrangea, scabiosa, and mushrooms.

Approximate size: 14″ long x 14″ wide x 15″ tall.

Novem Fires Fall 2019-Blog Banner 8-freytags-florist-austin-txNovem Fires

Novem Fires include sunflowers, alstroemeria, red roses, and more.

Approximate size: 16″ wide x 29″ tall x 15″ long.

Wondrous Fall 2019-Blog Banner 9-freytags-florist-austin-txWondrous

The wondrous arrangement includes orange gerberas, calla lilies, mushrooms, air plants, and more.

Air plants may vary from picture.

Approximate size: 17″ wide x 17″ tall x 15″ long.

Happy Harvest Fall 2019-Blog Banner 10-freytags-florist-austin-txHappy Harvest

Happy Harvest includes radiant sunflowers, hypericum berries, paper moon scabiosa, and more.

Approximate size: 12″ wide x 14″ tall x 14″ long.

Giving Gratitude Fall 2019-Blog Banner 12-freytags-florist-austin-txGiving Gratitude

Giving Gratitude is a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece that includes red gerbera daisies, alstroemeria, mini calla lilies, orange spray roses, and more.

Approximate size: 20″ long x 18″ wide x 15″ tall.

Grain of Sun Fall 2019-Blog Banner 13-freytags-florist-austin-txGrain of Sun

Send a piece of sunshine to a special someone that includes, bright sunflowers, alstroemeria, safflowers, and more.

Approximate size: 17″ wide x 28″ tall x 19″ long.

Unify Fall 2019-Blog Banner 15-freytags-florist-austin-txUnify

Unify includes red roses, alstroemeria, safari sunsets, hypericum berries, and more.

Approximate size: 22″ long x 14″ wide x 9″ tall.

Gratefulness Fall 2019-Blog Banner 17-freytags-florist-austin-txGratefulness

A cornucopia centerpiece that features lotus pods, Asiatic lilies, safari sunsets, calla lilies, thistle, aspidistra leaves, seeded eucalyptus, and mini green hydrangea.

Approximate size: 12 in. tall x 26 in. long x 13 in. wide.

Bountiful Cornucopia Fall 2019-Blog Banner 16-freytags-florist-austin-txBountiful Cornucopia

A traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece that features sunflowers, dianthus, safflowers, kangaroo paw, hypericum berries, spiral eucalyptus, and roses.

Approximate size: 11 in. tall x 22 in. long x 16 in. wide.

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