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The Daffodil Fairy

Daffodils, the March flower is one of my favorites to grow. They’re gorgeous and instantly make me happy. If the new owner is taking care of things, the garden at my previous home has Daffodils, Iris, Tulips and Shamrocks all vying for attention right about now and will continue pretty much through the end of April. If you planted bulbs last fall, your flower beds should be blooming soon.

And if you did it right, you did it like this:

Photo (and gardening) Credit: Sarah J Winward

“Sandwich” Bulbs for Six Weeks of Blooms, A) Crocus, B) Tulips, C) Daffodils


  Or if you did this:












Blue Carpet 3 by Philipp Klinger Photography on Flickr










You could be tiptoeing through this in no time.









BHG Beautiful Bulb Combinations

This is how I envisioned things working out in my new garden And it would have, had I
actually planted bulbs last fall. But I didn’t. So instead, I’ll have to aim for something
DIY-achievable with the fresh-cut variety.


Allen Smith, Daffodil Days at Moss Mountain Farm

This is dreamy and looks totally doable. Nope. This is a Pintrest DIY disaster waiting to happen. Some things are better
left to professionals. (Yes, I’m surrounded by them, but this is a DIY post.)


Image from

But this, on the other hand, looks like something I can handle.




Freytag’s Florist YELLOW GARDEN ROWS

This too. (It’s already made.)


See more DIY floral inspiration with fresh cut bulb flowers by my new favorite tablescaper, Karin Lidbeck-Brent at yourcozyhome