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How to Care for Air Plants




Tillandsia; also known as air plants or Tillys, belong to the bromeliad family. Tillys are found in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Southern United States. Their habitats include arid deserts, rain forests and mountain elevations. Air plants only use their roots to attach themselves to trees or rocks. Moisture and nutrients are absorbed through their leaves.


air plant varieties

Common Tillandsia Varieties

Use your imagination when displaying your air plant. These hardy plants are adaptable and tolerant to a wide range of environmental conditions and require minimal care. Tie them to a string and make an air plant mobile. Mount them on a ball of moss and mount them to a picture frame.

In a rock garden terrarium, Tillandsias can be placed on a bed of rocks and removed for easy watering care when necessary. Make sure your plants have plenty of air circulation in a container environment.

Open air display like a piece of driftwood, geodes or coral fossils are great hosts for your Tilly’s. They can be freely placed in nooks and crannies or glued. Eventually roots will form and further secure the plant. An entire water-safe display can be soaked when needed to water your air plant.


Feel free to download this info-graphic guide to keep your air plants in peak condition: