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Freytags Florist

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Behind the Scenes of an Austin, Family Owned Florist


Welcome to part one of our series “Behind the Scenes of Austin’s largest, family owned florist.” This installment is all about the Freytag’s Florist Team. If you wonder what goes into the production of a single floral arrangement, then take a look at our team behind the scenes.

Freytag’s Florist has been blooming in Austin, TX since 1974, and this is how we do it.

Robert, Wayne and Augie take excellent care of our delicate wares.

First, we feed those thirsty flowers. When flowers first arrive they are processed. We trim the stems so that the flowers can absorb water and food. We have developed a specific flower food recipe for each flower type that helps them stay fresh and perky for much longer than typical fresh cut flowers would otherwise. We mix our flower food recipe with water and place it into a special ‘drinking bucket” along with the flowers. Then we tuck them into our 1,500 square foot flower cooler while they rest and absorb their nutrients. (FYI- We also add our special flower food mix to every floral arrangement that we design for you.)


Meet April Rose, Marlon, Carrie, Nicki and Kristy; the best Customer Service Team ever!

Then we talk to you. Anyone can place an order online anytime, 24/7. But many people still prefer to order by phone, and that’s okay too. Our knowledgeable and courteous customer service team members are standing by. And we love it when we have a chance to meet you face-to-face. So stop by the shop anytime to place an order for delivery or to pick up a special surprise while on the go. Plus, you can take of advantage our 50% carry-out discount on fresh-cut, wrapped flowers and plants.


Our design team, minus the camera shy: Arash, Casey, Jillian, Britt, Nelson and our Creative Director Denise Gehrke, AIFD PFCI (She’s holding the 2016 Houston Cup, congrats Denise!)

Design Time! When orders come in, our design team springs into action. Our staff (of ten and counting!) talented, award-winning designers are busy with several arrangements and bouquets for morning, afternoon and all-day express deliveries.


Nick, Ben, Mike, Steve, Larry and the rest of the fellas spreading the love across Austin, like they do.

And we’re off! Our drivers (all eight of them) might actually have the best job in Austin, TX. No one is ever unhappy when they see these guys. Two runs a day plus additional express deliveries keep them on the road all day.


Stay tuned for more ‘Behind the Scenes’ post in coming weeks with tours of the shop, the greenhouse and courtyard, plus our newly expanded warehouse and flower mega-cooler!