Quick Rose Care Guide for National Rose Month

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Celebrate National Rose Month! Every year in June, National Rose Month is commonly celebrated by being surrounded with beautiful roses. Whether they be in your garden or freshly cut, there’s no doubt that roses spread love, passion, and beauty in every space. Thinking of buying fresh-cut flowers or did you just receive a bouquet of colorful roses? Follow these short-quick tips to keep their freshness and celebrate National Rose month as long as possible!

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Administrative Professionals’ Week Gifts

Admin Professionals' Week at Freytag's Florist

Admin week is near! Administrative Professionals’ Week is a week-long holiday between April 23rd-27th that celebrates office employees for all their hard work and dedication. It’s important to show that they are valued and their commitment to making things happen is superb. Freytag’s is here to help in sending out the perfect appreciation gift with our selected flowers, plants, and Artisan gifts!

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

#PressforProgress Every year, we love to help and guide our customers to honor a significant woman in their life, whether it be by gathering the best gifts and flowers to send, or providing informative ways to celebrate. This year, our goal is to celebrate our women in Austin, TX by giving away free purple rose bouquets when visiting us at our shop!

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Celebrate Love + Free V-Day Cards

! It isn’t a surprise that Valentine’s Day is a huge holiday for us but we’re ready. It’s exciting to share with you our newest shop-look and bouquets that are now available for purchase. We didn’t forget about those in need of a unique V-Day greeting card to go with their gifts! Catch 5 free, printable, one-sided love cards. Make sure that special someone feels appreciated this year!

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Holiday Uniqueness

Freytag's Florist Holidays Centerpiece

Dazzle-it up! We are looking forward to seeing all the different holiday designs, colors, and textures decorated into every space. Whether it’s in a home, office or just a thoughtful gift to someone, our designers are ready to help! We create those unique winter arrangements, centerpieces, wreaths, bouquets, and more that are needed to impress. Here are some examples of Christmas items we have available at our shop now-first come first serve-and online website:

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Artisan Gifts

Crate with Artisan Title- Freytag's Florist

We are excited to introduce 6 new Artisan Gift Crates that include locally sourced artisan products from Texas! It’s necessary to share more about what each crate contains after selecting the best quality/deliciousness and where they’re from!

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Fall is Here at Freytag’s Florist!

Fall is here!- Freytag's Florist

Fall is here! We are excited to begin switching things up by using fall colors, textures, and designs around the shop. Burnt orange, yellow, red, brown, and so many other colors create a color palette that helps with getting into the autumn aesthetic. Whether it’s to decorate a home, office, or a thoughtful gift, our designers can help with creating beautiful fall centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets, and more. It doesn’t stop there! We also have plants that fill a room up with the fall spirit. Here are some examples of fall items we have available at our shop now- first come first serve:

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Caring For Your New Succulent

Succulent- Freytag's Florist


Succulents are the most popular indoor plant that comes in ranges of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some types include cacti, aloe, a few orchids, air plants, and more. Succulents have fleshy leaves that hold enough moisture and are found in desert areas around the world.

Despite the reputation of succulents needing little care, there are things to follow when wanting the plant to be happy and healthy.


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The Block at Freytag’s: Out of the Box 2

The Block at Freytag's



What Medrano loved the most about the Austin was its diversity in music and the art scene. Soon enough, he was convinced to make Austin his new home and has been here since 1991. Medrano loves being part of the Austin community too and has collaborated with other artists to raise awareness for non-profit organizations and charity events.

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