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Administrative Professionals’ Week Gifts

Admin week is near! Administrative Professionals' Week is a week-long holiday between April 23rd-27th that celebrates office employees for all their hard work and dedication. It's important to show that they are valued and their commitment to making things happen is superb. Freytag's is here to help in sending out the perfect appreciation gift with our selected flowers, plants, and Artisan gifts! Read More about Administrative Professionals’ Week Gifts »

Caring For Your New Succulent

CARING FOR YOUR NEW SUCCULENT Succulents are the most popular indoor plant that comes in ranges of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some types include cacti, aloe, a few orchids, air plants, and more. Succulents have fleshy leaves that hold enough moisture and are found in desert areas around the world. Despite the reputation of succulents needing little care, there are things to follow when wanting the plant to be happy and healthy.   Read More about Caring For Your New Succulent »
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Top Five Valentine’s Day flowers and their Meaning

The ‘Language of Flowers’ has helped us express our affections for thousands of years. Everyone recognizes the red rose as the ultimate symbol of love, but our Valentine’s Day bouquets say so much more.  Express your love in the most meaningful way with these top five Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings. Read More about Top Five Valentine’s Day flowers and their Meaning »

Earth Day Succulent & Cactus Gardens

Every day is a gift from Mother Earth.  Today is Earth Day and that means giving back. A popular Earth Day activity is planting a tree. But what if you don’t have a yard? What do you do as an urbanite with less than a green thumb and not much in the way of outdoor space?  Succulent and cactus gardens are a city dwellers alternative to large scale, outdoor gardening.  Succulents and cactus plants are very low maintenance, which translates to very easy to keep among the living. They are slow growers and are drought tolerant. They are very adaptable and can thrive on their own or in clusters of multiple plants. That’s what makes succulent and cactus gardens a fun activity for Earth Day. Some ideas for inspiration: Read More about Earth Day Succulent & Cactus Gardens »
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Denise Gehrke, AIFD, PFCI Helps Laneir HS Students Win the Houston Rodeo Cup, Floral Design Event

Freytag’s creative director Denise Gehrke, AIFD, PFCI had the honor of coaching three students from Laneir High School for the Houston Rodeo Cup Floral Design Competition. And it looks like that extra help paid off. Please join us in congratulating Chris Pham and Ceasar Hernandez for their huge wins this weekend. Chris placed 2nd out of 100 exhibitors at the Houston Rodeo Cup which involved creating a bridal bouquet, interpretive design, and a center piece on site at the rodeo while being timed and observed by judges. Ceasar placed 3rd out of 95 entries in the Dining with a Texas Flair category with his arrangement that was themed "Keep Austin Weird". Ceasar took a risk with his design that paid huge dividends. Each of them took home the coveted Rodeo Cup belt buckle and prize money. Read More about Denise Gehrke, AIFD, PFCI Helps Laneir HS Students Win the Houston Rodeo Cup, Floral Design Event »